S T I L L . B R E A T H I N G

 P a o l o . S e g a n t i . P h o t o
Photo: Paula Riff

Paolo Seganti (Tomas)

Paolo Seganti is best known to television audiences for his portrayal of Damian Grimaldi on "As The World Turns." His other credits include appearances on "The Nanny," and Showtime's "Women."

Paolo's film credits include LA CONFIDENTIAL and Woody Allen's EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU. He has also appeared in the Italian films LA SETTIMZANA BLANCA, VACCANCZE AL MARE, and DEUS. While in Italy, he also starred in several plays such as Odet's classic "THE GOLDEN BOY," "TRUE WEST," "DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA," and "EQUUS."